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A model of halorhodopsin, a light-driven chloride pump from the salt-loving bacterium Halobacterium salinarum.

The molecular surface (green) is cut away to reveal the molecular model within. The protein chain is red (helix), yellow (pleated sheet) and gray (coil). A chloride ion (green) and the retinal-lysine schiff base are shown as space-filling models.

More information on halorhodopsin.

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In this gallery, you will find a sampling of the great works of the biochemical arts: models of some of the complicated molecules that bring organisms like us to life.

Chemists seek connections between form and function, or in more chemical terms, between molecular structure and chemical properties. Biochemists seek to know how the structure of complex molecules gives them the capacity to transport, catalyze, recognize and signal -- just a few of the crucial operations that characterize life. Understanding function requires knowing and understanding structure. We must see biomolecules to understand them. But of course, these tiny entities are forever beyond the crude sight of our eyes. We can see biomolecules only with our imaginations -- we must imagine structures that fit data from chemical analysis, thermodynamics, kinetics, spectroscopy, and x-ray crystallography.

Here you will find the visions of chemistry's special kind of seeing.

Each page in this gallery provides access to interactive views of many of the biomolecules that you will study in your biochemistry course. Pages are ordered by topics in a typical biochemistry course. In addition, all the pages are self-contained, so you can study them in any order. First, equip your computer for this gallery, as instructed below. Then follow your interests or needs.

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