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I no longer maintain these pages.

For a larger, more up-to-date selection of learning aids, see the Biochemical Goodies of Professor Claude Aflalo.


Here is a grab-bag of illustrations, handouts, class problems, and demonstration outlines from my biochemistry teaching days.

  • STUDENTS: These tools might improve your understanding of difficult concepts in biochemistry.
  • TEACHERS: Please download and use anything that looks useful, within this Agreement for Use of Web Materials.
  • Goodies marked OPG are links to Other People's Goodies, and recommend highly.

List of Goodies, By Course Topic

Course Introduction


Water and Biomolecules

Protein Sequence

Protein Structure

Protein Function

Enzyme Kinetics & Mechanism

Lipids & Membranes

Bioenergetics & Metabolism

Monosaccharide Catabolism

Citric-Acid Cycle

Oxidative Phosphorylation

Fatty-Acid & Amino-Acid Catabolism

Biosynthesis (Including Photosynthesis)

Metabolism in Mammals

DNA & Replication

RNA & Transcription

Translation: Protein Synthesis

Regulation of Gene Expression

Recombinant DNA Technology



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