Molecular Graphics Manifesto

Why and How to Integrate Molecular Graphics into Introductory Biochemistry

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Gale Rhodes

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Add a substantial new skill to an overcrowded course?

How do you do it?

  1. How do you choose a program?
  2. How can you add graphics without pushing out other topics
  3. How do you evaluate skill and knowledge of graphics?
  4. How can you make graphics a truly integral part of the course?
  5. How can students follow up on classes that involve graphics?

How should authors of texts support graphics education?

What do the students think?

Where can you find my resources for integrating molecular graphics into your teaching?

Literature Cited

Figure: Deep View in use. Screen image of lysozyme (CPK colors) with bound NAG oligomers (green). PDB 1LZS. Click figure to enlarge.


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