Bioinformatics Tutorial

All About a Gene


In this section, you will explore a few links to extensive information about specific genes.

What do scientists know about the opsins?

On the MapViewer page, click OPN1LW.

You have entered the OPN1LW opsin 1 page of Entrez Gene, which is a sort of highway interchange with routing to all sorts of information about this gene. Scan down the page. Some of the information is very plain and understandable, while some is very cryptic. One of the most accessible links is to OMIM (Online Mendeliam Inheritance in Man), a catalog of human genes and genetic disorders. Despite the name, the database includes genes of women, too.

Look down the page and find the Phenotypes section, and notice the links marked MIM. These are links to OMIM entries. Click one of them.

Each OMIM entry tells you about this gene and types of colorblindness, genetic disorders associated with mutations in this gene. Read as much as your interest dictates. Follow links to other information. For more information about OMIM itself, click the OMIM logo at the top of the page. Through OMIM, a wealth of information is available for countless genes in the human genome, and all information is backed up by references to the latest research articles.

Once you've satisfied your appetite, return to the Entrez Gene page (use the Back button of your browser or your browser's history list).

Next to the Display button, pull down the menu and select PubMed (calculated) Links.

You have entered PubMed, a free database of scientific literature, to the results of a complete search for articles directly associated with this gene locus. By clicking on the authors of each article, you can see abstracts of the article. If you are on a university campus where there is online access to specific journals, you might also see links to full articles. PubMed is your entry point to a wide variety of scientfic literature in the life sciences. On the left side of any PubMed page, you will find links to a description of the database, help, and tutorials on searching.

Now return to the Entrez Gene page for OPN1LW opsin 1.