Users of, or anyone interested in, Deep View (Swiss-PdbViewer).


Gale Rhodes
Professor of Chemistry
University of Southern Maine

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On February 21, 2000, I activated an e-mail discussion for users of Deep View.
As of January 2006, there are over 500 subscribers.

Purpose of the Discussion

Use this forum for sharing ideas, questions, and concerns about Deep View and its applications in research, teaching, and publishing. Participants include the programmers who bring you Deep View.

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Some Discussion-Group Etiquette

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Learn More About Deep View

Deep View is the friendliest and most powerful free software for viewing and analyzing macromolecular structures, surpassing many commercial programs in power, features, and speed. If you conduct research, teach, or publish in structural biology, you should get to know Deep View. Versions available for Macintosh, Windows, SGI, and Linux.

Learn more at these sites: