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1. Getting Started

2. Windows and Help

3. Manipulating the Model

4. Selecting and Displaying

5. Coloring

6. Measuring and Labeling

Assessing Your Command
of DeepView
: Assignment 1

7. Mutating and Changing
Side-Chain Conformations

8. Using a Ramachandran Plot

9. Judging the Quality of Models

10. Working with
Oligomeric Proteins

11. Comparing Proteins

12. Making Images for Publication

Assessing Your Command of
: Assignment 2

by DeepView Developers
1. Introduction
2. (This Tutorial)
3. Analyzing Active Sites
4. Building a Functional Unit from a Monomer
5. Crystal Symmetries
6. Electron-Density Maps
7. Energy Minimization
8. Identifying Distorted Residues
9. Superimposing Proteins
10. Searching 3D Motifs
11. Fitting Residues Into Electron Density
12. Making Phi-Psi Statistics
13. Homology Modeling
14. Building Loops
15. SwissModel Workspace

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Protein Data Bank

Viewing in Stereo

Actions of Key Modifiers

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DeepView User Guide

DeepView User Manual (pdf)

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The Molecular Level